Kings of Retro

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

The Story Behind our Helmet Bag.

Our Helmet Bag is based on a vintage Bell bag Mrs Green saw in a flea market in New York back in the 90’s. However her colleague got to it first (and yes - it still stings) so when GCM was born this was first on the list to be designed.

It also gave us the perfect opportunity to indulge our love of bowling bags - as most people would agree, they really are king of all retro bags. There was no way our collection would have been complete without one. And so the design for our Helmet bag was born, merging the best of both.

The golden age of bowling in the 1950s meant a new super-kitsch look of matching shoes, outfit and bag together. These bags usually came with a metal rack for your bowling ball which also meant that your shoes could fit neatly underneath. We’ve honoured this by adding a separate base compartment which will easily swallow your shoes, washbag, tool roll, or anything else you want to keep separate from the rest of your gear.

And as Mrs Green carries a lot of (all highly necessary, I might add) stuff with her when she travels this is one roomy bag - click here for the product info - so it’s suitable for those of you with extra large helmets. (Yes - we’re aware this is a minefield of innuendo). Or if you intend to use it as a Bowling bag it’s also suitable for those of you with … Oh never mind.

However, if like Mrs Green you’re going to use it to hold all the essentials for a weekend away please beware that it’s too big to be classed as Cabin Luggage for most airlines. So like Mariah Carey and stairs - we’re afraid this bag doesn’t do planes. Unless you travel by private jet or - more likely - check it into the hold.

You can order our Helmet Bag here.

PS. The eagle-eyed among you may notice the similarity between the leather appliqué on the front of this bag and the decals on a Triumph Hurricane. You’d be right, we did pay homage to that iconic swoosh.