Still Cool For School

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

The Story behind our Old School Bag.

We made our old school bag in honour of every seventies child who ever put down their Atari, zipped up their snorkel parka and set off on their Raleigh Chopper to school. Kids choice of bags was pretty limited back then; we had long refused our standard-issue ink-stained satchel, a drawstring duffel bag was for holding PE kits or swimming stuff, the brainy kids would be marked out by the handheld brief/attaché-style case they carted about and the big (Senior) kids carried canvas haversacks usually covered in illegible biro scrawls and the odd enamel badge.

But our bag was cool. We favoured what was known as then as a ‘sports’ - now more commonly referred to as an airline - bag. Plastic, colourful, trendy and had zips. They were best if they were in your teams colours, but the holy grail was one with a club badge printed on the side. The sports bag was perfect - big enough to hold your pencil case, notebook, lunch box and yeah, maybe your stash of Top Trumps.

Oh yes - before the 80’s barrel bag came along for school kids the sports bag reigned supreme. And it’s that bag we have set out to re-create, albeit in beautiful, smooth, heavy-duty cow hide. Oh yes, the original school bag has grown up. It’s roomy enough to hold everything you’ll need for the day and features an integral padded sleeve for you to stash a standard-sized laptop. You’ll recognise the front slip pocket now re born as a documents pocket (so no leaky biros please) and it has an adjustable strap so you can sling it over your shoulder or embrace your seventies kid self with a crossbody bag. Internally, our signature orange lining will brighten any Monday morning and you’ll find a zipped valuables pocket and of course our accessories loop for clipping our water tank, card holder or indeed your troll keyring to.

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